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Optimize your health, well-being & longevity with Peptide Therapy.


What are some benefits of Peptide Therapy?

  • Reduced body fat

  • Improved workout recovery

  • More energy, strength & stamina

  • Decrease joint and muscle pain

  • Increase lean muscle mass

  • Supports a more restful & deeper sleep

  • Increase sex drive (men & women)

  • Improved skin tone leading to less wrinkles

  • Increased mental clarity​

and many more! 

(Often a combination of different peptides may be recommended to achieve all of the benefits you are seeking. Call for a consultation today and we will create a plan to assist you in reaching your goals.) 

Will Peptide Therapy

work for me?

  • Experiencing loss of energy?

  • Decrease in strength/muscle mass?

  • Easily fatigued?

  • Lack of sexual drive?

  • Body aches & pains?

  • Lack of focus/concentration?

  • Having difficulty sleeping?

  • Experiencing anxiety & depression?

Peptides are as safe way to increase your natural production of growth hormone.  Peptides are very well tolerated with almost not side effects. 

There are over 50 FDA approved peptides  which are appropriate for both men and women. 

AOD 9604 (Anti-Obesity Drug)

Weight loss, repair & regenerative properties for bone & cartilage.

  • Modified form of amino acids 176-191

  • Discovered by investigators at Monash University

  • Fat reduction effects controlled by a small region near one end of the GH molecule

  • No effect on growth or insulin resistance

  • Very good safety and tolerability profile

  • No adverse events.

Supplied: 5ml -1200 mcg/ml

Dose: 0.25 ml SQ injection daily x 20 days

BPC -157 (Body Protective Compound)

Repair tendons and ligaments & aids in digestive health.

  • 15 amino acids, partial sequence of the Body Protective Compound

  • Discovered and isolated from human gastric juice

  • Accelerated healing of tendon, bone, ligaments

  • Aids in combating leaky gut, ulcers, IBS, Crohn's Disease


Supplied: 5 ml – 2000 mcg/ml

Dose: 0.15 ml SQ injection daily x 30 days


CJC -1295 (Stimulates Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone)

GHRH, aids in deep/restful sleep & improves energy. 

  • Mimics endogenous GHRH secreted by Hypothalamus

  • 20 amino acids

  • Out performs older and outdated GHRH's Sermorelin

  • Fat loss, increase lean muscle mass

  • Improves lipid profile

  • Improves deep wave sleep 


Supplied: 5 ml – 2000 mcg/ml

Dose: 0.10 ml SQ nightly, 5 nights out of 7, on an empty stomach before bed


Ipamorelin (Stimulates Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone)

GHRH, improves energy and weight loss

  • Selective GH -Secretagogue and Ghrelin receptor agonist 

  • Combination with CJC-1295  is suggested for its synergistic effect

  • Combination therapy generates 5x the benefit, allowing for maximum release of GH

  • CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin are different mechanisms of action and work on different receptors

  • Safe and well tolerated

  • Evidence of cumulative effect after multiple doses


Supplied: 5 ml – 1000 mcg/ml

Dose: 0.10 ml SQ nightly, 5 nights out of 7, on an empty stomach before bed




 GHK-CU (Human Copper-Binding Peptide)

Skin elasticity, skin density and firmness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Naturally occurring copper complex present in human plasma, saliva and urine

  • This peptide declines as we age

  • Needed to stimulate collagen and skin repair

  • Found to tighten loose skin and improve elasticity

  • May reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • May reduce photo damage and hyperpigmentation


Supplied: 5 ml – 10 mg/ml

Dose: 0.2 ml SQ daily, patient preference on timing



 Melanotan II  (The Tanning Peptide)

Induces tanning, positive effect on libido, mild positive effect mobilizing fat

  • Super potent melanotrophic activity in vitro

  • Provided protective mechanism agains UV rays

  • Positive effect on libido due to aphrodisiac properties

  • Mild fat mobilizing effects

  • Somnolence and fatigue

  • Mild transient nausea (not requiring medication)

  • A stretch and yawn complex correlated with penile errections (1-5 hours after dosing)


Supplied: 5 ml – 2000mcg/ml

Dose: 0.15ml daily, 1-2 weeks, then 0.25 ml twice weekly




 PT -141  (Bremalanotide)

Erectile dysfunction and libido, promote sexual desire and arousal in women

  • Developed from the peptide hormone, Melanotan II, which had sexual arousal and spontaneous erections as unexpected side effects.

  • Unlike Phosphodiesterase -5 inhibitors, it does not act on the vascular system but the mechanisms of action takes place in the central nervous system. 

  • Well tolerated and not associated with hypotension



Supplied: 2 ml – 10 mg/ml

Dose: 0.2 ml SQ injection into abdomen, as needed, 30 -60 minutes prior to sexual activity

Initial dose will establish time frame to response

Men: start at 0.1 ml and titrate up, not exceeding 0.2 ml

Women: start at 0.2ml protocol




 Thymosin Alpha -1(Immune Modulation/Enhancement)

Used in chronic fatigue, vial illnesses, lyme disease and autoimmune function

  • Composed of 28 amino acid peptides

  • FDA approved drug under the name of Zadaxin

  • Drug class - biologic response modifiers

  • Approved in March 2020 for treatment of Stage 2b-4 malignant melanoma

  • Well tolerated and safe

Supplied: 5 ml – 3000mcg/ml
Dose: 0.15ml SQ daily into abdomen OR  1.5 mg twice weekly





 Thymosin Beta -4 (Immune Modulation/Enhancement)

Repair of soft tissue & immune Modulation

  • Primary function - stimulate production of T cells, which are important part of immune system

  • Assist in the development of B cells, necessary for the production of antibodies

  • Important role in protection, regeneration, remodeling of injured or damaged soft tissue. 



Supplied: 5 ml – 3000mcg/ml

Dose: 0.25ml daily SQ injection into the abdomen x 20 days




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