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What Is Radiofrequency Technology?

RF has been used in medical and aesthetic treatments for years. The term “Radiofrequency technology” was derived based on its function of sending radio wave like electrical frequencies to target the collagen within deep layers of the skin. When the heat of RF waves (60 degrees Celsius) is sent to the dermis under the top layers of the skin, the heat from these waves reenergizes the old collagen, causing the tightening of the tissues and revitalization of the skin.

How Does The RF And Micro Needling Work?

Micro needling combined with radio frequency, two of the newest and most successful skin rejuvenation systems, creates an enhanced result in both skin value and texture. Micro needles create miniscule perforations in the skin. When the needles have passed through the skin, the energy from the RF is released under the skin, allowing the stimulation of new collagen production. This process targets the skins textural irregularities, while adding firmness and elasticity.


FACIAL ENHANCEMENT—Micro Needling can be used for:

  • Wrinkle reduction

  • Can be used with acne scar treatment

  • Skin texture improvement

  • Skin tightening

  • Treating the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth

  • Traumatic scar reduction

BODY IMPROVEMENT—Micro Needling can be used for:

  • Stretch marks

  • Scars (from surgeries or trauma)

  • Loose skin

  • Body contouring

  • Cellulite reduction


Is Micro Needling With RF Painful?

No. Prior to the procedure, a topical numbing cream will be applied. Most people report little or no pain. There is the possibility there might be some discomfort; this discomfort level is comparable to the mild feeling of being bitten by an insect.

Following the treatment, patients might experience some minor swelling, and the skin might be sensitive for a few days following the procedure. However, instructions for addressing mild discomfort will be provided, and any side effects should go away quickly.

Am I a Good Candidate for RF Micro Needling?

Most people make good candidates for RF micro needling. It works safely on all skin types and tones. RF micro needling might not be appropriate for use on people with an active skin condition in the treatment area or people with a tendency to form keloid scars.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

This depends upon the needs of the candidate. On an average 2-4 treatments are used, where there is typically 2-6 weeks between each treatment. The number of treatments needed will be based on the type and severity of the issues being treated, as well.

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