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IM injections, B12, energy, skin lightening, dark spots, weight loss, skinny shot, healthy thick hair and nails, vitamin C, immune boost, happy shot, depression and anxiety,

VITAMIN injections

A single vitamin injection given intramuscularly in the gluteus maximus or the upper arm.

B12 ✤ $25

This is our most popular injection and for good reason - it will boost energy, boost mood and reduce heart disease.

Glutathione $25

Give your skin a refreshed, rejuvenatated, rehydrated GLOW. This powerful antioxidant will allow your body to function better and provide more energy.

Skinny Shot$75

The skinny shot will provide your body with crucial nutrients that will aid in weight loss while boosting energy and metabolism.

Vitamin D$25

Enhance your mood, alleviate muscle aches, strengthen bones and boost your immune system.


Used to treat fine, thinning hair and fragile nails. Promotes hair growth!

Sublingual Skinny Spray

Great option for those with a fear of needles

or to supplement your

"Skinny Shot" injections at home. 

Super B ✤ $25

This is the B-complex...Reduce stress, increase your energy and reduce signs of depression and anxiety.

Vitamin C $25

supports overall health and supports your immunity. Vitamin C is also an anti-inflammatory.

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